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Sunday, April 8, 2012


As my finger ran over her new shark tooth necklace, I immediately thought of thorns, then the crown. It is hard to find words to convey the meaning this Easter has for our family. We love them so much it hurts, physically it hurts. To imagine willingly, intentionally, sacrificing your child for me, for you, for our fallen world...

Because if we had the choice we never would have given up Isaac. But isn't that exactly what He did for us? Gave up His son? It cost Him everything.

It. Is. Everything.

It. Changes. Everything.

How can we ignore the miracle of Jesus' life...the love, grace, mercy, redemption, and hope we receive through Him.

The HOPE. This priceless gift we have, because of today, we know we will one day see Isaac again. Because of today, even though part of me has died, I am still alive.

Isaac is with Him, I may not know or understand His ways, but I can know Him. And we have hope because we have Him.

"It is finished." John 19:30

And we are redeemed...

We went as a family today to Isaac's grave, Anastacia wanted to help decorate it. (And we have finally picked out a marker, I think it took us some time before we were ready to go there) Her three pictures she made for him in the meantime are his marker. The cross, the last supper, and Jesus in the garden telling Mary He is alive. How I love her sweet spirit. As we were leaving, she waved and said goodbye.

Our conversation a couple of weeks ago...
"Mommy I miss Isaac, what do you think he looks like now?"
"I think he probably looks a lot like your Daddy, just like he did when he was born."
"You mean he has golden hair?"
"Yes, I think he has golden hair."
"I wish I could visit him so we could play."
"I know, Mommy misses him so much too."
"But, it doesn't work that way does it Mommy, once you go to heaven you have to stay there."
"No, it doesn't work that way."
"I am glad he is in heaven then, because one day I will get to go see him and play with him forever. When I go see Jesus."
"Yes, we will."

To update you on our precious new addition, Sofia, she is doing wonderful. He gives me peace daily through her kicks and activity. She is growing, and a healthy three pounds. It is hard to believe we are down to counting weeks until she will be part of our family. Thank you so much for all of the prayers and messages. We are grateful and excited for the hope of new life...

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