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Friday, January 6, 2012

Christmas Memories

Some of our favorite memories from the last few weeks...

~Before our Christmas program at school~

~Hot cocoa, pj's, and an outing to see Christmas lights. We had so much fun we went again and she brought a girlfriend. A funny and sweet conversation took place. After a period of quiet and looking at lights her friend quite dramatically said "and our house has nothing", to which Anastacia said "that's okay, not everybody celebrates Christmas", I started to say something and glanced to the backseat. She went on to explain "well it's not about Christmas lights, trees and Santa, it is about Jesus and giving so it doesn't matter if you have lights or not." I breathed a sigh, maybe, just maybe she is "getting it"~

~Decorating our "sparkly" Christmas tree, bet you can't guess we like pink, and sparkle~

~Fun with Nana's blinking reindeer nose~

~That our cousin preferred to wear as an eye patch~

~Finally one more tooth out, we lost four from Halloween to Christmas~

~Baking with mommy~

~We loved kneading~

~I tell her she has the face of an angel~

~A visit to see Santa, she wanted to tell him she needed her two front teeth for Christmas. And then proceeded one of the most precious conversations. Santa has never been, and never will be our primary focus at Christmas. We pray for wisdom and balance while also allowing some freedom for fun:) ~

~Explaining that she "needed" her two front teeth back. Asking what she had done with them, she explained she had put them under her pillow and received some money for them. To which he exclaimed "YOU sold your teeth??"~

~Which elicited lots of giggles and smiles~

~A fun picture from the photo booth and memories. I love how her sweet hands are folded. She told Daddy, he might be the real Santa because you could see his hair, but the rest are "fakes"~

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