Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Marriage Story...

As I continue to count the blessings, even the seemingly microscopic (thank you Ann Voskamp for that lesson), I have a sweet memory I want to preserve. One of my favorite times of the day is laying in bed with Anastacia at night. Although I don't do it every evening, it has become such a precious time as life seems to slow, and lessons are taught and learned.

A- "Momma when will you be Nana?"
M-"When you become a Mommy someday."
A-"When will that be?"
M-"When you are 30 (strategic thinking on my part right?:)"
A-"That is really old. I have to get married first, right?"
A-"But that means I have to find a boy."
M-"You have a long time for that sweetie."
A-"I guess it will be okay if he is like Daddy, will he be like my Daddy? (enter her voice rising in concern) I don't want to marry someone unless he is like my Daddy." (my tears, priceless moment)
M-"That is what we pray for, that God will send the perfect boy, and we can pray he will be like your Daddy."
A- "I guess ___ (the son of close family friends)will do, he is a boy." Had to end the moment with some humor, how I love that precious little girl.

Continuing to give thanks....

~Bedtime talks and memories
~Hot cocoa and Christmas light drives
~Jammie days
~Great friends who take care of my husband when he gets hurt
~Ditto to doctors
~Quiet evenings by the fire
~Breakfast with a dear friend who encourages my walk
~Outpouring of love from family and friends
~ Re-purposing old to new
~Warm home on rainy winter days

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