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Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Story

Many of you have emailed asking about the bible that we read with Anastacia. The Jesus Storybook Bible hands down is the most amazing children's bible. I cannot sing the praises of it enough. Sally Lloyd-Jones creatively brings to life the stories of the bible while weaving God's love story and redemption for us in with each message. The illustrations by Jago are simply breathtaking and engage a busy little five year old.
We had been searching and praying for a bible that would draw Anastacia into The Story that God is pursuing us with. The story of Jesus, and how every story "whispers his name" throughout the bible. Anastacia was captivated the first time we read it and asks routinely to read it. She excitedly ends every story with Momma, I know who, it is Jesus! And if you have read this, then you are familiar with one way God spoke to our family through this bible. So there you have it:)

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